Monday, December 15, 2008


the third day of ASEAN uni is mixed double event..i play the games quite okay for the first three games but the rest(haihhh...i cant even breathe when i look at the score) really pressure when you have to play with asian champion, world youth champion..besides, the camera keep focusing on my lane because im playing with thailand duo..(they performed really damn good) luckily zul came on that time, at least some of my pressure being released..but yet, were still waiting for dynamic duo chali and jal to come...hahaha keep focussing fariq for the next event:p


sang arjuna said...

esok aku datang bawak sepanduk! hahahah

RyZ4L said...

i bawak X X X X X X Sal!! kemain!!
insyaALLAH i dtg.
if not RABU kot. sebab nak amik rod tax la syg oi~~ huhu!!