Saturday, December 27, 2008


it was the most memorable experienced playing a bowling with SEA games champion Somjed Kusonpithak in Asean University Games 2008 KL...eventhough i only act as a pacer, the games definitely teach me in term of skills, psychology and many more...u will not learn this in bowling Somjed and Pongsan and others especially zaim mahadi and zaim zulfadhlie...thanx for giving me this oppurtunity...may God bless all of u....:)

to chali and jal...thanx for supporting me and uguys really helpfull~~

i hope someday ill be playing with to be on top....fto start, beating varsity bowling's mate then ill think later....hahahha

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sang arjuna said...

kemain hebat vdeo ni. satu lane dengan pasukan mesia. haha

weyh nak vdeo aku pulak. tp sile potong smpai part aku ye yang last sekali. terlalu banyak gangguan di awal vdeo aku. hahaha