Monday, December 29, 2008


1. i read a che det blog about holiday...yes we a re so grateful as we have been shower with a lot of holidays..poor me...working in F&B industry...i have to work more compared to weekdays...usually were working less hour during weekdays...

2. for me, a workaholic person do realize that the economic recession that we face today requiring a youngster especially students to take this opportunity working part time...gain experience, side-income or even improvise communication that u never learn all of this in the classroom.. i don't care what job u did as long as it gave u benefit throughout your life as a student....i respect them....i hate people who cannot live on his own...waiting for parents money, spending them and never feel guilty for that...for me, i have to work hard...finding side income so i can live like others...thanks to my family for teaching me to be independent...i can see the outcome through my he succeed as an engineer working with the corporate area, they will look your personality, your experience and your communication...the confident inside you will bring you to the top...alas curiosity kills the cat:p

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RyZ4L said...

nak cakap die anak MERDEKA~
tak gitu.
gud gud..keje banyak2!
then,ZARA tanpa sale august ini:p