Saturday, February 20, 2010


hahahaha its been a long month of january for me. i feel like im working as a flight attendant though. travelling 3 countries in 1 month and 5 countries in 2 month ( *habeh pokai duet aku ).. it sounds poyo yet it gives me thousand of memories. in 2 month, ive learned and experienced a lot. culture, economy, politic, environment and many things. i think people should travel, i did some survey and the outcome...dinch!;p they respond that they dont have enough money, too busy, and many other reasons. to be honest, im not rich but i know how to control expenses. most of them surprised, i spent about rm300 in phuket for 4 days including accomodation, food and entertainments:p hehehehe can u imagine that ! it is depends on you whether u have the guts to take the risk and how u face it. dont just simply give reason that u cant afford unless uve experienced it.

hehehe however,
there so much things to say in this blog but as you know, i obviously do know how to deliberate it wisely. hahahaha padan muke korg !!

for sure, im going travel this coming april. bangkok and bali.

yeayyy !

jom guys !

p/s maybe i should do a blog about travelling. hmmmm ~~

to be continued

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MyeAqma said...

weyh, cmne bley travel ngan rm300 je?
ajar aku cepat!!!!