Friday, May 27, 2011

gotcha !!

yeszaaa, after a year, i'm back in this area with different perspective towards human beings' character :) y ? this is due to my new working environment dealing with all sort of people. artist, celebrities, royalties, professionals n the 'kampungs' ( like me :p )

gicciew is the other words for gotcha..gotcha is lame to me n gicciew is new gotcha :p i love my life now even more, even though is not well organized but im still capable of having what i want in my life now ie :-

1. macbook
2. car
3. motor but i wish i can get a super bike next year
4. master (otw)
5. travel half of the world
6. career ?? ( very grateful as ive been offered a job from lotsa multinational company ) but i choose the easiest one. teeeet :p

whatever it is, divadivana's blog is way to awesome compared to my lousy blog...:p thumbs up to chapap :)

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MyeAqma said...

yeahhh akhirnya ada pun entry dari ko!