Friday, December 12, 2008


today is the day ill be playing for a Thailand or Philippines...what can i say, i feel like a butterfly is playing in my stomach...really scared me off even play as a pacer...hahaha to chali and jal...i love both of u... i wish we could play guys really helping me when i need something...rawk katenye!!! .maybe both of you guys will be choosen to participate in arafura games...insya-Allah

to be continued~~


RyZ4L said...

motif kan bagi contribute speech kt we ols? kemain! hahaha.
u do ur best k!!
jgn malu kan cali ngan i and bowling ball yg bernilai RM500++
make shekal proud. tibe je!!:p

sang arjuna said...

kemain kao nye speech.
ala2 obama gtew.
wah thailand or filipinos?
ahahaha smlm jumpa banyak gile thai kat mines. sume pakai baju AUG. hawt and spicy sume :P
do ur best. kalau u ols melets esok lusa kami datang bwk banner sokong u.
muah muah :)
lick some ass. eh i mean kick some ass :P