Friday, February 27, 2009




hahaha thank GOD...i just finish my measurement for Bangsar's bungalow projects( eventhough there is a lot of job waiting to be given to me...LRT project, hanoi, JKR, SIME DARBY:p erkkk?? darn many to measure)..kudos to me for never complain about the variation:p hahaha masuk bakul angkat sendiri:p

i feel so released...i hope i can manage my life back right now PROPERLY!! what i i mean here is being involve back in sports, music and of course spiritually hehehe what a cliche IIUM student...:p

seriously i really missed my old gamelanist group, playing guitar with leman and shahzlam...gadoh mulut ngn zap, arip, azim, taal...being pampered by zameer, arip, pian (hehehe dont u dare to think beyond your normal understanding)...miss them so much:(

im also missed cik putri, kak mizah, kak farah, capex(ni laki la), suheil(erkk??), paah, razali(double erkk??), yan, kak kiah, anis, susanta( wait until july...i have many things to debate with u...:p), faezah, minah and the gang, basyirah, syarafina, jalilah and many lah~~

btw, i would like to thank to my office mate; mek ti(my sis in that office; she always bring a delightful breakfast meal to the office. me and hasrul will chasing after her to have that meal.. she's rock, sporting n never complain(kembang hidung die),to ziela( dun wori la ziela, im same age with u...), to ika, umi, hasrul( ade membantu ke mamat nie??)..kak safa, kak marziah, dayang, kak tini top-up, shima, kak pah, abg zul( banyak pahala die nie bawak semua pi smayang jumaaat), kak pit(bukan mat pit k), cik bad(my supervisor also known as our director), zubaidi, mizah n kak ana(geng cun), kak non, kak lela, kak imah, mami, miss oii, kak kam and more to count that light my life in that office during my internship...i feel like i have been working in that place for a very long time...phewww~~

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fashdamarsha said...

hai fariq!!mcm kenal la u ni..bole kenal x?1 more thing maner budak ofis u yg len?xkan 2 je..ok.keep in touch k.