Monday, February 23, 2009


im tired of waiting the train( both lrt and komuter) to come especially during a peak hours..i cant stand because everyday i have to wake up 5.45am in the morning..and then prepare myself, praying:p, then never have an ample time to take a breakfast., rushing to get a Rapid Bus to LRT buying a tiket to Bangsar station at 7.10am.. im waiting for the train and still not coming..waiting like the platform level, what i can see here, people are fighting to go inside because they do not want to be late.yes!! LATE..this problem should be fixed long time ago...i think most of people did notice that our PM doing a so called site visit in order to feel the service provided by our own public transport:p giving us a 'HOPE' but it totally useless...the service is still the wonder people nowaday is getting worst, no manners, lack of productivity...because of what?? bad public transportation:p


to be continue~~

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WaNz iMraN said...


uat pe?? nak ole-ole ek..:P